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Nationwide Assistance for Permanent Residency (Green Card)

If you wish to obtain a visa or “green card” for a family member to join you in America, we are happy to help. The friendly and knowledgeable staff of our firm can skillfully guide you through the complex immigration process. We assist U.S. citizens and permanent residents in bringing their loved ones to the United States to live or work.

Over 30 Years of Experience in Family-Based Immigration

The Shapiro Law Group works from offices in downtown Chicago, Illinois and the Chicago suburb of Northbrook. We have served thousands of people in the Chicagoland area and across Illinois, as well as hundreds of individuals and families throughout the United States. Call (847) 564-0712 for a free phone consultation or read below for more information about your specific immigration issue.

Family Visas and Permanent Resident Status (Green Card)

A work visa (employment-based visa) allows for non-immigrant legal entry into the United States, usually for a limited period of time and usually for a specific job. Permanent Residency, also referred to a “green card” or immigrant visa, allows entry into the U.S. with the intention of staying. Green card holders can work at any job in the United States. Permanent Resident status is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), with priority given to spouses, dependent children, and parents. Green cards for other family members are subject to annual quotas, and approval sometimes takes many years.

U.S. citizens (including naturalized citizens) may sponsor immediate relatives to enter the U.S. under an immigrant visa (green card), including:

  • Parents
  • Spouses (wife or husband)
  • Unmarried children (sons and daughters)
  • Married children (sons and daughters)
  • Siblings (brothers and sisters)

Permanent residents (foreign nationals holding a green card) may sponsor only:

  • Wives or husbands
  • Unmarried children

Guidance Through a Difficult Process

The process of bringing family members into the United States is not easy or automatic. Our knowledge of USCIS requirements and processes enables clients to bring a spouse, fiancé, child, or relative into the U.S. in the shortest time possible. Whether your family member is already in the U.S. and seeking a green card, or you are filing a new immigration application on their behalf, we can help.

(Read more about the K-1 fiancé visa or K-3 spouse visa.)

Permanent Residence for Family Within the U.S.
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Adjustment of Status for Non-Immigrants

We also represent sponsored employees who entered the U.S. on non-immigrant work visas, and wish to file for adjustment of status to Permanent Resident (green card application). We have substantial experience and success in the PERM (labor certification) process.

Experience and Results

Our principal attorney, Ronald S. Shapiro, has practiced exclusively in immigration law since 1974. He is familiar with the USCIS approval process and federal laws pertaining to visas and green cards for family members. We have proudly helped immigrants from countries around the world obtain permanent resident and naturalized citizen status.

Contact our immigration lawyers through this Web site, or call (847) 564-0712 for a free telephone consultation to discuss your situation. We will gladly answer your questions or assist you in pursuing a visa or green card.