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Illinois Financial and Business Analyst Immigration Lawyer

Chicago is a hub of financial and business activity.  In fact, Chicago is home to the corporate headquarters of many powerhouse companies in the global economy, as well as to several financial markets.  Given today’s international marketplace, many of these businesses hire financial and business analysts – oftentimes from countries outside the United States – to help them to maximize their profit growth and advise them on how to invest their money.  Most financial and business analysts have an advanced degree, making foreign financial and business analysts seeking employment in the United States likely candidates for an H-1B visa.

A limited number of H-1B visas are available each year for foreign temporary employees, such as financial and business analysts, seeking employment with a U.S. company or organization. The knowledgeable Chicago employment immigration attorneys at The Shapiro Law Group have considerable experience representing U.S. employers seeking to hire financial and business analysts that are non-U.S. citizens as well as what must be done to ensure that the sponsored job position meets the requirements of President Trump’s Buy American/Hire American Executive order.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts generally evaluate the financial and/or securities status of a business or organization and advise the organization on how to invest their money.  They may work for a bank, investment company, insurance company, securities firm or mutual fund.  Financial analysts typically have an advanced degree in finance, as well as experience within a particular industry.

The experienced Chicago business immigration attorneys at The Shapiro Law Group understand the complex job descriptions and duties of financial analysts.  We are familiar with the eligibility requirements of the H-1B visa and are able to properly describe and document the job description and applicant’s education and training in order to strengthen the H-1B application.

Business Analysts

Business analysts are hired to analyze the organization and structure of businesses, government departments and non-profit organizations.  Business analysts frequently perform functions that include analyzing strategic business needs, analyzing the organization’s policies and market approaches, developing business models, and interpreting the organization’s IT requirements.  Business analysts typically have a technical background, including IT and engineering, or a business background.

H-1B Visa for Financial and Business Analysts
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With more than 30 years of experience helping clients obtain the necessary H-1B visas, we are highly knowledgeable of the various positions that frequently hire foreign employees, such as financial and business analysts, and can transfer that understanding into a complete, thorough and timely H-1B visa petition.  Contact one of our skilled Chicago business employment visa attorneys at (847) 564-0712 to discuss your financial or business analyst visa needs.