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Serving Corporations and Small Companies Nationwide

In today’s competitive economy, the ability to draw qualified workers and professionals from a global talent pool is critical. With extensive experience in non-immigrant and immigrant work visas, The Shapiro Law Group enables U.S. corporations and multinational companies to meet labor and management needs by bringing skilled foreign workers to the United States.

30 Years of Practice in Business Immigration Law

Based in Chicago, Illinois, our experienced attorneys serve major corporations, small start-ups, mid-sized companies, hospitals and nursing homes in the Midwest and throughout the United States. Our firm provides legal consulting and business visa processing. Contact a business immigration lawyer who can clear the bureaucratic obstacles.

L Visa: We assist multinational employers with intra-company transfers of managers and executives (L-1A) or specialized knowledge workers (L-1B)

H Visa: Our wealth of knowledge in H-1B and H visas helps companies bring foreign workers to the U.S., or hire foreign students graduating in the U.S.

Our attorneys can expedite the process and capably address legal barriers, including work visa applications for citizens of certain countries:

O Visa and National Interest Waiver: We can assist U.S. companies in bringing scientists, scholars, business leaders and other foreigners with extraordinary talents to the United States, under O-1 visas. National interest waivers provide another option to bring workers with special abilities to the U.S.

We are fully equipped to process PERM Labor Certification, and to bring workers to the U.S. under National Interest Waivers when applicable.

Corporate Clients
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Decades of Experience in Immigration Law for Employers

Our principal attorney, Ronald S. Shapiro and his partners and associates, together have practiced exclusively in immigration law for more than 30 years. Mr. Shapiro is among the small percentage of attorneys concentrating chiefly in employment-based and professional immigration.

Ronald S. Shapiro frequently assists employers nationwide in business visa processing. Companies often seek to hire foreign employees with specialized experience or education, e.g. software engineers, business analysts, accountants, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and other professionals possessing a bachelor’s or advanced degree. Our clientele has included corporate giants such as Pepsico, U.S.G, and Raytheon, as well as smaller companies in mining, manufacturing, software development, accounting, health care, and other industries.

Our business visa attorneys possess the technical acumen and demonstrated success to obtain L and H work visas to fill your employment needs in a timely manner. Contact our Chicago office online or call (847) 564-0712. We offer flexible appointment times to fit your schedule.