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Decades of Experience in Immigration Law for Employers

Your company believes true talent transcends country borders and political bureaucracies. Your company makes a determination of the job that needs to be done, finds the right person to perform and has that person available where needed. The business immigration lawyers at Shapiro Law Group can help.

Once talent is identified, Shapiro Law Group facilitates seamless immigration or emigration leveraging our core expertise so your company and your employees can concentrate on your business success with peace of mind. We have 30 years of experience with documented results of helping corporations and employers like yourselves. Contact us online or call 847-564-0712.

Whether you are a Fortune 500, mid-sized or small company, and no matter the complications of your case, our business immigration lawyers’ knowledge and experience can help you to navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration law and your emigration needs.

Non-Immigrant Visas

L-1 Intra-Company Transfers

Assisting Multinational Companies with L-1A and L-1B Visas

You have just the right person for a critical job but this employee is based overseas. Let us facilitate L-1 intra-company transfers to bring employees with key knowledge into the United States to work. We enable multinational employers with operations or affiliates abroad to obtain L1A and L1B transfer visas for foreign executives, managers, and workers with specialized knowledge of processes and procedures. We also secure L2 visas for husbands and wives of L1 workers. Learn More about L-1 Intracompany Transfers

Other L-1 Visas:

H Visas

Our wealth of knowledge in H-1B and H visas helps your company bring foreign workers to the U.S., or hire foreign students graduating in the U.S. Our attorneys can expedite the process and capably address legal barriers, including work visa applications for citizens of certain countries:

H1-B Professional Visa

It is widely known that only a certain number of H-1B visas are issued each year. Do you know the current cap of 58,200 H-1B visas are available for individuals who will fill a position requiring at least a bachelor’s degree for the first time? An additional 20,000 H-1B visas are available for individuals who have a US masters or higher degree.

Usually, the earliest you can file is April 1st of each year and the ability to file typically closes within a few days after April 1st since the H visa caps are quickly met.

Competition for the limited number of H-1B and H-1B1 work visas means that having an experienced and knowledgeable employment immigration attorney on your side makes a huge difference!

Let us also assist you to transfer your H1-B from one employer to another.

Other H-1B Visas

Do you know there are special additional H-1B1 visas for citizens of Chile or Singapore?

NAFTA TN Visas for Canada and Mexico

Do you know that unlike the H-1B work visa, TN visas are not subject to a cap? We have helped many employers convert H visa applicants to TN visa status in the face of H caps on non-immigrant work visas. We can assist you in getting both non-degreed and professional workers qualified under the NAFTA work visa requirements.

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Australia Business Immigration Visas

Do you know that if your employee is an Australian National, your employee is eligible for the annual allotment of up to 10,500 E-3 Australia work visas above and beyond the USCIS’ current cap of 78,000 on H-1B visas for professionals of any country? Australian Citizens Learn More

Chile Business Immigration Visas

Do you know that 1,400 H-1B1 visas may be issued each fiscal year to citizens of Chile?

Singapore Business Immigration Visas

Do you know that 5,400 H-1B1 visas may be issued each fiscal year to citizens of Singapore?

Learn more about Chile and Singapore visas

E Visas for Business & Investors

Are you looking to invest in the United States? The Treaty Trader (E1) and Treaty Investor (E2) Visa is a non-immigrant visa based around treaty agreements the U.S. maintains between certain countries. Do you know that E1 and E2 visas initially allows a stay of up to 2 years, although there is no limit to the total time the visa holder may remain in America providing they continue to meet all visa extension requirements? How do you choose the best visa option for conducting business in the U.S.? Learn More about E Visas for Business & Investors

Do you want to learn about E-3 visas for employees from Australia?

O-1 Extraordinary Ability, P-1, Athletes or Entertainers, P-2 Artists or Entertainers, I Visa for Journalists

Your company and certain industries can use special classes of visas for your employees of extraordinary ability.

Contact us online or call (847) 564-0712 for knowledgeable, innovative and efficient legal representation by a business immigration attorney at the Shapiro Law Group.

Immigrant Visas

You believe immigration is a benefit for your company. Let us assist your company and your employees seamlessly immigrate to the United States so both parties can focus on your priority – your business.

Employment Authorization and Employment-Based Permanent Residence (Green Card)

If your corporation presently has a foreign employee on an H, TN, O, or L-1B work visa, or other non-immigrant visa, your business can sponsor him or her for a green card (permanent residence or immigrant visa). You must establish that your business has been unable to find an American worker to hire who meets reasonable job requirements, including minimum education and experience requirements. Generally, employees who have entered the U.S. on an H-1B Visa or an L-1B Visa require approval of a Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) labor certification on their behalf before being allowed to be sponsored for an employment-based immigrant visa (green card).