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Is New Hope for Chicago Immigrants on the Horizon?

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on February 16, 2021

President Biden has signaled that he will implement new policies related to DACA, asylum, and legal immigration. These reforms would be a sharp shift from the previous administration’s immigration policies. Should these reforms occur, it will make it much easier for immigrants and their families in the Chicago area.


DACA provided significant protection to more than 600,000 individuals, though the Trump administration sought to resume deportations. While events in December put the future of the program in question, it does look as if President Biden will push for a permanent solution for individuals covered by DACA. One potential compromise with Republican legislators would also address other immigration provisions including refugee status and H1-B visas.

Refugee Caps to Rise

President Biden has promised to increase the total number of refugee requests granted to 125,000. This would be a dramatic increase from the 15,000 allowed under the Trump administration. Should this occur, it will make it easier for those individuals seeking to resettle in the United States to obtain lawful, legal residence in the near future.

Asylum Requests to Move Forward

Tied to the rise in refugees admitted to the United States is the issue of asylum requests. The Trump administration heavily curtailed approval of asylum requests. However, in December 2020, then president-elect Biden indicated that he would work quickly to address the asylum system and restore the due process previously granted asylum applicants. 

Turning Back the Clock and Looking Ahead

President Biden’s early actions and willingness to reverse Trump administration policy through the use of Executive Orders will make it much easier for immigrants fighting deportation orders, seeking asylum, or requesting refugee status. The United States is poised to undergo significant immigration reform. President Biden has already indicated that he is willing to work quickly with both parties to find solutions for those wishing to immigrate to the United States. 

Temporary Protected Status for vulnerable individuals, improved access to immigration attorneys, the reversal of deportation orders, cessation of border wall construction, and an overall streamlining of the immigration process are already under discussion. For immigrants and their families, it is highly advisable to schedule an appointment with a Chicago immigration attorney. There are many positive changes underway that could affect their legal status in the United States. Given the current atmosphere, it looks as if these changes will occur sooner, rather than later.