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Preparing for Your USCIS Interview

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on December 09, 2019

Preparing for the final interview with USCIS is a crucial step in the immigration process because people who make mistakes during the interview could be deported. Nearly every type of application for immigration benefits will require that applicants go through the USCIS interview. This includes applications for lawful permanent residence, naturalization, adjustment of status, and marriage-based visas. There are several preparatory steps that applicants can take to increase their chances of approval following their USCIS interviews.

Review the Application

During the USCIS interview, the immigration officer who will conduct the interview will rely on the information contained in the application. This makes it important for applicants to review the information they provided in their applications carefully so they understand some of the questions they might be asked. Discrepancies between the information that was provided in the application and the answers provided during the interview can be problematic.

The applicant should be prepared to disclose any changes that have occurred between the time the application was submitted and the interview date. They should also bring evidence of the changes with them to the interviews.

Bring an Interpreter

If English is not an applicant’s first language, the applicant should bring an interpreter with him or her to the USCIS interview. The USCIS will not provide an interpreter for the interview. If an applicant who needs an interpreter comes without one, his or her interview might be rescheduled if the USCIS officer does not speak the interviewee’s language. The interpreter must be registered before the interview in front of the USCIS official who will be conducting the interview on the appropriate form. 

Arrive Early

Arriving late for a USCIS interview can cause problems. People should arrive early for their interviews to give them plenty of time to find parking and to make it through all of the security checks. It might be a good idea to search for nearby parking days in advance of the interview in case the USCIS lot is full. Applicants should plan to be at least 30 minutes early for their interviews.

Be Truthful

Applicants should always be truthful during their USCIS interviews. Immigration officials have training in how to identify evasive or untruthful answers. Applicants should tell the truth and have evidence to support their answers. With preparation, people can pass USCIS interviews.