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What Nurses Can Do: Waiting for Visa Availability

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on June 22, 2018

Nurses affected by visa retrogression and waiting for their work visa availability can engage in various meaningful activities including developing clinical skills, pursuing higher studies, obtaining a relevant nursing experience, preparing civil documents, and taking English exams.

Visa retrogression is a scenario characterized by delays in the issuance of immigrant visas based on an influx of applicants compared to the current number of visas available. It operates on the principle of supply and demand, with a cap placed on applications made before or after a set date. Any application made afterward must be subjected to further processing and scrutiny before the visa can be made available.

Activities Nurses Can Engage in While Waiting for Their Visa

  • Develop Clinical Skills

Nurses affected by retrogression should consider gaining and polishing their clinical knowledge and training. This entails participating in seminars and taking certification exams. They can take this time to learn more about the practice, upgrade their qualifications, and avoid complacency.

  • Prepare Civil Documents

The waiting period can be used to ensure that all the documents are in order. Birth and marriage certificates should be checked for accuracy or corrected via court proceedings. This also involves obtaining certified true copies of any other vital documents. This can help avoid gathering all the documents in a rush when invited for an interview at the US consulate.

  • Attain Relevant Nursing Experience

Topping the exam board isn’t enough. Potential recruiters lend focus on a resumé with at least two years’ experience in a clinical setup. And they prefer current work experience. Meaningful and relevant experience is determined by the skills learned and developed, the amount of time spent working, cases managed, and equipment handled.

  • Take English Exams

Honing proficiency in English may not be very difficult for many foreign-born nurses but conversational English as used in the US is different from the English learned in most of their origin countries. To avoid retaking the exams, nurses should check if they are still valid within the prescribed number of years.

  • Pursue Higher Studies

Acquiring a master’s degree in nursing or other related fields equips a nurse with far more understanding and knowledge than those with a bachelor’s degree. Nurses with a master’s degree can consider teaching to add value to their work experience.