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MIlitary Spouses Facing Citizenship Struggles

Despite the military service of their husbands and wives, military spouses who are in the country illegally may be deported […]

Working Multiple Jobs On an Employment-Based Visa

Foreign nationals who are working in Illinois with H-1B visas are able to work for multiple employers, but they must […]

What Do USCIS Application and Benefits Processing Delays Mean to You?

USCIS applications and benefits processing delays may cause multiple problems for immigrants and their employers. Families may face long periods […]

H-1B Visa Transfers: What You Should Know

Workers who have entered the U.S. on H-1B visas may change their jobs through the H-1B transfer process. While the […]

Applying for a Fiance Visa? Here’s What You Need to Know

Illinoisans who plan to marry foreign nationals should understand several important things about the K-1 visa process so that they […]

Know Your Rights Campaign Helping Immigrants in Illinois

In response to the federal government’s recent hardline immigration stance towards immigrants and sanctuary cities, the Illinois state attorney general […]

Sponsoring Your Spouse When You Have a Criminal Record

Whether a U.S. citizen with a criminal record can sponsor a spouse for a green card or not depends on […]

When You Lose Your Job on an H1-B Visa

When an H-1B employee is terminated or laid off, he may have a few options to maintain lawful migration status. […]

Finding a Way to Stay in the US

Individuals seeking to lawfully stay in the United States may be eligible for a variety of immigration options including obtaining […]