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How Social Media Can Impact the Fiance Visa Process

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on August 14, 2017

As social media continues to grow in popularity as a means of sharing relationship activities with people, fiancé visa applicants should also understand how it could impact the visa process.

Social Media’s Effect on Fiance Visas

A record of online communications isn’t always easy to delete and privacy can be difficult to maintain. This is important to keep in mind when applying for a fiance visa. Statements and pictures posted on social media can reflect information about applicants that reveals what they are doing and who they are with, and this could significantly impact the visa process.

While social media may not seem like it should be considered official proof of a relationship when compared to other types of documentation, these accounts can play a huge role in the visa decision making process. If an individual claims to have a genuine relationship with his or her fiance, for example, but then goes on to post current pictures suggesting a romantic relationship with another person, the USCIS or US Embassy may see this information. Such a situation could seriously damage the chances of a successful visa decision if the agency finds the applicant to be less credible in his or her claims.

Social Media Best Practices

When applying for a fiance or marriage visa, applicants should manage their social media profiles as carefully as possible. Making sure their profiles match who they claim to be in a relationship with, can help prevent officials from dicovering anything that seems suspicious. Some outlets like Facebook allow specific privacy settings that only allow select people to see posts. Even if an individual isn’t dishonest about his or her relationship, suggestive posts that inadvertently imply a romantic relationship with others should be avoided. Applicants should also delete any past public posts that could get them into trouble.

Officials will require proof of how visa applicants met their fiances as well as other relationship information supporting their claims. Honesty is vital throughout the visa process and conflicting information on social media could result in a denial.

By managing privacy on social media and maintaining honesty during the fiance visa process, applicants can avoid many of the common issues that can arise from careless or potentially damaging posts.