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Chicago Continues to Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Immigrants

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on July 12, 2017

Chicago recently launched a public-service campaign to welcome immigrants to the city. As a sanctuary city, Chicago plans to celebrate its thousands of immigrants by providing important support and resources.

A Campaign to Welcome Immigrants

During the spring of 2017, Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, launched a campaign that welcomes immigrants into the city. The campaign, called “One Chicago,” features billboards throughout the city, as well as a new website that directs immigrants to city resources, physical and mental health care, and important information on how to become a U.S. citizen. City resources also help immigrants find a corporate immigration lawyer for legal assistance with all types of immigration issues.

The U.S. Attorney General has stated that cities who don’t comply with immigration laws may see cuts in federal grants from the Justice Department. Although the Trump administration has threatened to withhold grants from sanctuary cities that protect immigrants, Mayor Emanuel doesn’t seem to be affected by such threats. He has expressed his strong support for Chicago immigrants. Since Mayor Emanuel’s grandfather came to the U.S. as an immigrant at age 13, he is a major supporter for the welfare of the large immigration population in Chicago. He has established a $1.3 million Legal Protection Fund to help immigrants that face the threat of deportation under President Trump’s immigration policies.

Chicago Immigrants

In Illinois, undocumented immigrants make up approximately four percent of the population, and a large number of those immigrants reside in Chicago. Many of the city’s immigrants live in fear of being arrested and deported due to President Trump’s current immigration policies. Chicago immigrants often seek help and legal advice from an Illinois corporate immigration lawyer who can provide information on their immigration status and the possibility of deportation.

Chicago immigrants play an important role in the city’s future. With H1-B visas, they work in important industries and jobs that promote progress and profits for the city’s economy. Across the state, they contribute over $900 million in local, state and federal taxes, yet many fear they may lose their jobs and be unable to support their families.

According to data from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), close to 42,000 undocumented immigrants were arrested within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. While most arrests involved immigrants with criminal convictions, a percentage of arrests included immigrants with no criminal backgrounds. The “One Chicago” campaign will provide support to thousands of immigrants living in the city.