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Immigration Options for Employment

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on February 02, 2016

Immigration Options for Employment

There are several options when it comes to workers immigrating into Illinois. Most of these options are predicated on the offer of employment, so understanding what needs to happen for a smooth corporate immigration process is essential. Corporate entities that are searching for workers may turn to immigrants because there is a decided lack of a particular skill set within their immediate area. This is a common occurrence, and there are corporate immigration lawyers in the Chicago area that deal with every aspect of bringing workers into the state to fill available jobs. Visas are typically the initial work-related entry document for immigrants, with permanent residency and work eventually requiring a green card.

Visa Types

There are a limited number of immigrant employment visas issued every year. These must be applied for by any immigrant wishing to work in Illinois, and a corporate immigration lawyer can help both immigrants and employers with the sometimes-complicated application process. Work visas exist in several categories, and if a degree is requires, it must be held by the applicant.

  • First preference, or EB-1, visas are available only for those with exceptional abilities, such as internationally-recognized scientist, researcher, or medical professional. This type of visa may not require a sponsoring employer.
  • EB-2, or second preference employment visas, are available for immigrants holding advanced degrees, including Masters and Doctorate degrees.
  • Third preference visas, also called EB-3 visas, are reserved for skill workers and professionals, as well as other types of workers.
  • EB-4 visas, which are fourth preference visas, are made available to accommodate religious workers from foreign nations.
  • Fifth preference visas, EB-5’s, are for entrepreneurs or investors who are planning to create jobs in the US. It may also be called an investor visa.

In the event an immigrant would like to permanently live and work in the US, they may be able to apply for a green card. However, green card applicants must first have a visa available to them.

Corporate Immigration Lawyers

The services of a corporate immigration lawyer are often helpful in figuring out which visa options are most beneficial for corporate needs. Employers become sponsors for the immigrants for whom they request visas, and there are a variety of situations where that sponsorship is very important for the approval of the visa. Chicago corporate immigration lawyers are uniquely situated to advise about and facilitate the immigration process in Illinois for both employers and immigrants.