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What Employment Visas Are Available for Foreign Worker?

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on March 11, 2015

Employers  are, with increasing frequency, looking overseas to fill their employment needs. Not only can hiring foreign nationals help a company fill a specific position, but hiring highly-skilled foreign nationals – particularly for IT jobs – can also boost productivity and increase wages for the entire workforce.

There are several work visa options available for foreign workers, each with their own eligibility requirements, pros, and cons. Among the most common work visas are:

Regardless of which visa option is sought, the success of a visa petition will depend, in large part, on cooperation between the employee and the employer. In many cases, the petition for a work visa will be completed and submitted by the employer, but will require that the employer provide detailed information regarding the position and the foreign national.

For instance, the L work visa allows multinational companies to transfer overseas employees to the United States if the employee has been employed outside of the United States by the U.S. employer’s subsidiary, parent company, or corporate affiliate. The employer will submit the petition, but must show that the foreign national employee was continuously employed abroad for one continuous year within the three year period of time preceding the L visa application being submitted to USCIS, and that the transferred employee will be employed in the U.S. as either an executive, manager, or an employee who possesses specialized knowledge.

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