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January 2015 Visa Bulletin

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on January 23, 2015

The Department of State has released its January 2015 Visa Bulletin. Each monthly visa bulletin provides the priority cutoff dates for specific countries in order to regulate the flow of visa applications. Foreign nationals are permitted to file applications for an adjustment to status or for approval of an immigrant visa as long as the priority date is prior to the respective cutoff date specified by the Department of State in the monthly visa bulletin.

The January 2015 Visa Bulletin announced slight forward movement for EB-2 from China, and almost all EB-3 applicants and F2A applicants. While there were no significant forward movements, there also were no significant retrogressions. Specifically, pursuant to the January 2015 Visa Bulletin, the following cutoff dates are in effect:

  • All EB-1 categories remain current.
  • The cut-off date for applicants in the EB-2 category (professionals holding advanced degrees or persons with exceptional ability) from India remained constant at February 15, 2005. The cutoff date for applicants in the EB-2 category from China moved forward one month to February 1, 2010. The EB-2 category for individuals from all other countries remains current.
  • There was notable forward movement for EB-3 applicants (skilled workers and professionals) from China to March 1, 2011 (from June 1, 2010 in December 2014). India moved forward two weeks to December 15, 2003 (from December 1, 2003 in December 2014). There was also notable forward movement in the EB-3 category for applicants from the Philippines, Mexico, and all other countries to June 1, 2013 (from November 1, 2012 in December 2014).
  • The cutoff date for individuals in the family-based F2A category from Mexico moved forward significantly to February 22, 2013 (from January 1, 2013 in December 2014). The cut-off date for F2A applications from all other countries moved forward by approximately three weeks to April 15, 2013 (from March 22, 2013 in November 2014).

Priority cut-off dates can change on a monthly basis so it is important to be aware of the cut-off dates set forth in the Visa Bulletins and file a timely application. For more than 30 years, the Chicago employment immigration lawyers at the Shapiro Law Group have helped businesses and their employees obtain the necessary employment-based visa as efficiently as possible. We can advise you of the appropriate visa, help with preparation of your visa application, and file your application in a timely manner.

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