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Work Visas Require Cooperation between Employers and Employees

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on April 09, 2014

Many employers hire foreign nationals to work in the United States, but the process of obtaining the necessary work permits for foreign national employees can be difficult and time-consuming. The success of a visa petition depends, in large part, on cooperation between the employer and the foreign national employee. The employment immigration lawyers at Shapiro Law Group focus on guiding employers through the work visa process and we can help ensure that employers and employees are working in unison to move through the visa process efficiently and effectively.

In many cases, the petition for a work visa will be filed by the employer and will require that the employer provide detailed information regarding the position that the foreign national will fill. For instance, the L work visa allows multinational companies to transfer overseas employees to the United States if the employee has been employed outside of the United States by the U.S. employer’s subsidiary, parent company, or corporate affiliate. The employer will submit the petition and must show that the foreign national employee was continuously employed abroad for one continuous year within the three year period of time preceding the L visa application being submitted to USCIS, and that the transferred employee will be employed in the U.S. as either an executive, manager, or an employee who possesses specialized knowledge.

Similarly, the H-1B visa is available for business who wish to hire foreign nationals to fill technical positions. Even though the employer submits the petition to USCIS, it must show that the foreign national has a bachelor’s degree or the U.S. equivalent necessary for the job.

According, because many work visas require that employers submit detailed information about both the position and the employee’s education/qualifications, it is important that the employer and employee work together to provide the necessary information.

How We Can Help U.S. Employers Obtain the Necessary H-1B Visas

At Shapiro Law Group, our United States employment immigration lawyers focus on helping employers meet their employment and business needs by securing the necessary visas for their foreign national employees. Shapiro Law Group assists U.S. employers with business and employment-related visas, including PERM labor certifications, H-1B visas, L-1 visas, and O visas.

The Shapiro Law Group assists U.S. employers with business and employment-related visas, including PERM labor certifications, H-1B visas, L-1 visas, and O visas. We use our 30 years of experience to help clients facilitate seamless business immigration and ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the immigration application process. Whether you are a Fortune 500, mid-sized or small company, our business immigration lawyers’ knowledge and experience can help you to navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration law and ensure that you comply with the specific requirements of the application process.

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