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The EB-1 Visa Opportunity

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on January 24, 2013

While demand for immigrant labor has steadily increased in recent years, resulting in a shortage of needed H-1B visas for foreign workers in specialty occupations, the number of people seeking entry into the U.S. under the EB-1 visa has remained relatively static. This could present an opportunity for those who qualify for EB-1 categorizations that have no quotas or labor certification requirements.

There are basically three types of EB-1 visas for which you can apply.The priority worker category, which includes aliens with extraordinary ability (EB-1A), outstanding professors or researchers (EB-1B), and multinational executives or managers (EB-1C).

People with “extraordinary ability” must meet three of 10 listed criteria, demonstrating whether they have received internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence, have made contributions of major significance to their professional fields, have commanded a high salary in their field of expertise, or otherwise been recognized for their achievements in ways that are listed by regulation.

People who are outstanding professors or researchers, seeking tenured track positions in higher education, have historically fared well in their quest for a visa, provided that they can produce evidence ofinternational recognition for outstanding achievements in their fields, as well as 3 years of experience in teaching or research.

Those who seek to come to the U.S. as multi-national managers or executives can also qualify for an EB-1 visa if they have been employed outside the U.S. for a requisite time period in a managerial or executive capacity by a company that wishes to move them here for legitimate business purposes.

Of course, there are other requirements that must be met in each case, but the qualifications can be met with help and assistance of a competent and experienced immigration lawyer. If you have questions about obtaining a work-related immigration visa, and want to speak with a qualified attorney, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (847) 564-0712. You can also check out our immigration law Website for more information about how we might assist you.