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Immigration Rules for Physical Therapists Need Updating

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on December 18, 2012

Despite an aging U.S. population that is growing the need for physical therapists in this country, America still makes it difficult for foreign-born physical therapists to work here, according to a new report by the National Foundation for American Policy (“NFAP”).

Currently, it can take years for foreign-born therapists can become eligible to work here, due to licensing and immigration obstacles. Even after performing all the necessary tasks to get admitted here, therapists often discover there are no openings left in a given year for the popular H-1b visas or other potentially applicable work authorizations.

TheBureau of Labor Statistics, noting that 39 percent more physical therapists will be needed by 2020, has projected that 48 of 50 states will have significant therapist shortages by 2020. With millions of Americans entering the 55 and older demographic every year now, it is critical to increase the supply of physical therapists.

If you would like to see immigration reforms that would help to support the health care system, please call or write to your Congressman or Senator.

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