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More H-1B Visas Would Benefit U.S. Economy

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on September 28, 2012

The U.S. system of colleges and universities is one of the country’s greatest strengths, attracting the best and the brightest students from around the world. Unfortunately, when those students are finished studying here, they often return home or go to another country that offers them better opportunities as employees and future entrepreneurs.

Talented foreign students studying in America often want to find employment here after their schooling, but they have numerous obstacles in their way, not the least of which is a restrictive work visa program (the H-1B program) that artificially limits the number of working opportunities in the U.S.Thus, thousands of the most promising students at our universities are bound for foreign destinations, where they will use their skills and creativity to expand the economy of other countries.

According to a recent Brookings Institution study, domestic companies are very frustrated by the H-1B caps because they frequently need the talents of foreign-born individuals, especially in science and technology industries.

Furthermore, there are numerous studies by various non-profit organizations demonstrating that the practice of ushering foreign students out of the U.S. only pushes tax revenues and ultimately jobs abroad. One study by the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors, in fact, estimates that lost tax revenues at $20,000 per year for each foreign student that has attained an advanced or graduate degree of higher learning.

Many of these apex students also go on to become the best entrepreneurs and job creators of other countries.

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