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Parents of U.S. Citizens Often Deported

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on May 10, 2012

According to recent reports in USA Today, during the first six months of last year, 22 percent of the 211,000 deportations during that time involved parents of U.S.citizens.

Some of those deported were guilty of violent crimes, but many were convicted of minor offenses, such as filing incorrect papers to obtain a job. Furthermore, 25 percent of those parents were deported for reasons unrelated to criminal justice at all.

This is a human tragedy and a financial burden on the U.S. The financial strain from losing a working parent and the emotional strain on the family is incalculable, but the additional burden on the foster care system is tangible and carries a direct cost to taxpayers.

Much of this tragedy can be avoided when families seek out a reasonably priced, experienced immigration lawyer to help them stay in this country legally.

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