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USCIS Proposes Revision of Form I-9

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published in late March a notice in the Federal Register inviting public comments on […]

H-1B Foreign Worker Slots Left in FY 2013

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) still has slots available in fiscal year 2013 for employers sponsoring foreign workers in […]

Voter Registration: A Trap for Green Card Holders

It happens more often than you might think and something to watch out for during this election year – a […]

Re-entry Rules Relaxed for Pending Hardship Waiver Applicants

Earlier this spring, the Department of Homeland Security published a proposal in the Federal Register – for public consideration and […]

Parents of U.S. Citizens Often Deported

According to recent reports in USA Today, during the first six months of last year, 22 percent of the 211,000 […]

Employment-based Legal Residency Options

Each year, a large number of undocumented workers are deported who are parents of U.S. citizens. Many of these workers […]

Tourist Season Easier for Some than Others

The summer travel season is fast approaching, and many foreign citizens are making plans now to visit the U.S., but […]

The Hazards of Tourist Season for Your Betrothed

The warmer weather and sunny skies of spring have arrived in the U.S., opening the gates to tourists from around […]