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Better Visa Overstay Tracking on Horizon

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on February 09, 2012

A new automated capability developed by the federal government to identify visa overstays could reduce current dependence on consular interviews while insuring that qualified travelers receive their visas more expeditiously, according to a report recently published by the Council on Foreign Relations (the “CFR).

Last year, the process was used to run computer searches on roughly 1.6 million suspected overstays that had arrived since 2004. As it turns out, the CFR noted, half had already left the country, and only about three dozen of the remainder were deemed to represent security risks that justified further investigation.

Furthermore, the new automated system is expected to soon be able to flag suspected overstays as soon as they occur, and to calculate overstay rates on a country-by-country basis.

The CFR report looked with optimism on the promise of having real-time, widely available data to assess the likelihood of a visa overstay, as well as a probable actual overstay in progress.

The possibility of facilitating e-mail warnings to visa holders about looming overstay deadlines also exists, and could greatly reduce violations, the CFR contended.

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