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One Door Closes, But Another Still Open for Work Visas

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on December 23, 2011

Earlier this month, the door for fiscal year 2012 (Oct. 1, 2011 through Sept. 30, 2012) slammed shut on foreign worker visas available under the H-1B program for foreign specialty occupation workers, but employers in need of workers in specialty occupations can still obtain assistance through a lesser known program.

Up to 6,800 visas may be set aside by the U.S. State Department for workers from Chile and Singapore, pursuant to the H-1B1 program arising out of the U.S.-Chile and U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreements.

If you are an employer or employer’s representative in charge of hiring, it is quite possible that you can find workers from these countries who will fill your needs in fiscal year 2012.

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