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Retreat in State Law Crackdown on Immigration

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on December 14, 2011

The Attorney General and the Governor for the State of Alabama, which is widely regarded as having the most “activist” state law provisions aimed at reducing illegal immigration, have both reportedly indicated that the law should be modified.

In a letter to legislators, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange recommended repealing a section of the law that makes it a crime for an illegal immigrant not to carry registration documents, reportedly citing a need for police to focus on other aspects of the law.

According to the Associated Press, he also suggested the repeal of provisions requiring schools to collect information on the immigration status of students.

Gov. Robert Bentley similarly expressed concern about the relatively new state law, which was purportedly passed to open up jobs to citizens in a state suffering from high unemployment. Bentley expressed concerns that the law might be adversely affecting industrial recruitment in industries that rely upon immigrants with special skills.

Business organizations also called for revisions to a law that they see as presenting additional burdens on them.

One of the attorneys challenging the law now, Karen Tumlin of the Immigration Law Center, told the AP that state officials are beginning to see the downside effects of the new law.

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