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Slowing Economy Presents Window of Opportunity

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on August 14, 2011

Many employers who, in the past, might have shied away from the procedural expense and processing delays associated with petitions to sponsor foreign specialty workers under the H-1B visa program, might now wish to consider seeking foreign worker support.

A recent report by the American Universities Admission Program (the “AUAP) notes that the numbers of H1B applicants has diminished this year, in remarkable contrast to just a few years ago when more than 230,000 applications were filed for 65,000 visa openings within days.

The AUAP analysis suggests that the H1B quota will still be reached a month or two prior to the close of the current program year (March 31, 2012) but this is a far different situation from the recent past.

According to the AUAP, this situation has resulted from:

  • A slow and weakening U.S. economy;
  • A growing rate of domestic unemployment; and
  • The free fall of the U.S. dollar, which makes the U.S. less attractive to some highly-qualified foreign applicants.

Nonetheless, this circumstance presents an opportunity for many employers who might have avoided the rush to sponsor foreign workers in the past. A solid application now has a much better chance for prompt processing.

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