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Ronald Shapiro Recent Posts

Mexican Migration Patterns Shifting

The Immigration Policy Center (the “IPC) recently released some data on shifting Mexican immigration patterns that could affect public policy […]

Illinois Domestic Violence Conviction Basis for Deportation

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit recently ruled that a permanent resident’s second conviction for domestic violence […]

State Department Warns Immigrants of Lottery Scam

The Office of Visa Services for the State Department of the U.S. has issued an alert regarding a huge uptick […]

Travel Risk for Green Card Applicants

Summer is vacation and travel time for many families, but it can present dangers to those applying for permanent resident […]

Slowing Economy Presents Window of Opportunity

Many employers who, in the past, might have shied away from the procedural expense and processing delays associated with petitions […]

Employer of Foreign Worker Tagged with $156,000 Judgment

Employers frequently hire foreign workers in specialty occupations (such as architects, engineers, doctors and computer programmers) pursuant to the H-1B […]