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When Summer Requires More Hiring

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on July 14, 2011

While some businesses are slowing down at this time of year, others are flourishing. Roofers, landscapers, resort and hospitality enterprises are among those who need to hire more employees in the summer.

It is easy when pressed for help to overlook some of the basic legal requirements related to hiring and immigration, but the consequences of such an oversight can be disastrous. Furthermore, it is not so hard to follow some basic rules.

First, as an employer, you must verify that any individual you plan to hire is authorized to accept employment in this country.

If the individual is a citizen or what is known as “a permanent resident” (a green card holder) then you may hire them, but you still need to comply with employment verification requirements (obtaining a completed Form I-9 and following any requirements in your state as to electronic status verification, etc).

If the person is not a citizen or permanent resident, then you will need to file a petition to that they can obtain the correct immigrant or non-immigrant work authorization.

You can file an immigrant petition (for permanent status) or a non-immigrant petition (for temporary status) on behalf of your prospective employee, and the cost is fairly nominal compared to the other costs of employment.

People who have been granted asylum or refugee status may also be hired with fairly little paperwork or cost as a predicate.

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