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Another Wave of Immigration Audits

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on July 09, 2011

According to Corporate Counsel magazine, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division (“ICE”) of the Department of Homeland Security has announced it will launch another wave of employer audits pertinent to I-9 forms and other documents relevant to immigration compliance.

Reportedly 1,000 employers will be audited of various sizes across the country, which should raise the total number of audits this year to more than 2,300.

ICE has acknowledged that certain industries are more likely to receive an audit than others, including those industries that employ a large volume of undocumented workers (such as agriculture, construction, and hospitality), those industries whose employees have access to sensitive information (such as financial services and health care), and those industries with special public safety concerns (such as transportation, power generation, and water utilities).

According to the article in Corporate Counsel magazine, the receipt of a high volume of “no match” letters from the Social Security Administration (notifying employers of discrepancies between employee tax forms and federal records) is another possible indicator of a coming audit.

Because an audit can result in fines and penalties or even decertification from government contracting, not to mention the loss of valuable organizational time, it is very important for employers to have their immigration-related documentation in order at all times.

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