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USCIS Public Survey Results

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on November 26, 2010

Results from a public survey by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (the “USCIS”) which were released this summer, demonstrate a need for improvement in immigration services in several areas.

Survey respondents came from a broad background, including employees using immigrant or non-immigrant visas, employers, immigration lawyers, and law enforcement professionals (with the largest percentage composed of visa-holding employees at 42 percent).

Among other objectives, the survey was intended to reveal those areas where respondents saw the greatest need for improvement in services.

The services identified as presenting the greatest concerns to survey respondents were those associated with the following USCIS authorizations:

  • EB-3 visas (for skilled workers in designated fields of economic concern);
  • EB-2 visas (for advanced degree professionals and those with extraordinary scientific or artistic ability);
  • EB-1 visas (primarily for executives, professors, artists, athletes and highly accomplished individuals with extraordinary abilities);
  • H-1B visas (for designated specialty occupation workers); and
  • Green Cards (for adjustment to permanent residence status).

Thus, employers of visa holders, foreign employees on U.S. soil, and legal counselors should expect to see changes and reforms to these visas and the legal processes associated with them in 2012.

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