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New Visa Service Offered by U.S. Consular Posts

Written By The Shapiro Law Group on October 19, 2010

Last month, the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa initiated a move toward streamlined, expedited services for applicants applying for U.S. visas at U.S. consular posts across Canada.

The U.S. embassies and consular posts in Canada previously used a service called “NVARS,” which charged a fee for booking and processing services. But applicants can now utilize “CSC Visa Information Services” to either obtain information online or via telephone on how to initiate an application for a U.S. visa at any consular section in Canada.

The embassies and consular posts also announced that these services will be provided without the previously customary charge for a “machine readable visa” fee.

This new service should allow people to initiate and check on the progress of applications from any computer or touch-tone phone without having to follow the tedious path of in-person visits to consular posts and their authorized centers.

Individuals and families wishing to enter the U.S. on a legal visa should find the new process to be very helpful. Those who need further advice or assistance regarding individual visas are encouraged to call our office at (847) 564-0712 and/or check out the pertinent section of our Website for more information.