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­­­­­­­Lawyers helping businesses, foreign nurses and families navigate domestic and international immigration challenges.

The Shapiro Law Group can help you or your employees overcome legal barriers to working and living in the United States. Our attorneys will handle your immigration needs with thorough attention to detail and the efficiency that comes with experience. Immigration lawyer Ronald Shapiro has practiced exclusively in this field more than 30 years, with special focus in H1B work visas for sponsored foreign national employees, L-1 intra-company transfers on behalf of U.S. corporations and immigrant visas for foreign national nurses, learn more about Ronald Shapiro.

Chicago Family and Business Attorney

30 Years of Exclusive Practice in Immigration

The Shapiro Law Group has over 30 years of experience in helping businesses, families, and individuals navigate domestic and international immigration challenges. Our attorneys and staff are thoroughly invested in meeting your immigration needs, using our extensive expertise to achieve optimum outcomes. In addition to a long track record of success in employment and family visas, we specialize in immigration solutions for foreign nurses, doctors, and same-sex marriages, as well as guiding green card holders through the complex process of obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Chicago Immigration Attorneys Serving Corporations and Individuals in Illinois and Nationwide

From offices in downtown Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois, we provide clients nationwide with a broad range of immigration services. We assist U.S. employers and multinational companies in obtaining immigration visas to fill labor and management needs. We can also help immigrants in Illinois and nearby states to secure permanent residency, legal entry and immigrant visas for family members, or help lawful permanent residents obtain citizenship status.

Employment Visas: Assisting Businesses Nationwide

Major corporations, small businesses, and healthcare facilities nationwide turn to The Shapiro Law Group for its understanding of immigration law and demonstrated success in managing visa applications. We can provide corporate clients with expeditious processing of:

Family-Based Immigration

We represent foreign nationals and U.S. citizens in the greater Chicago, Illinois area and the United States with the complicated applications and documentation required for immigration visa and related consulate matters:

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One of the principal attorneys of The Shapiro Law Group, Ronald Shapiro, has practiced exclusively in immigration law for more than thirty years. Our experienced and capable staff can navigate clients through the confusing labyrinth of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) process. We take pride in obtaining timely and legally sound approvals of corporate or family immigration visas. Mr. Shapiro keeps abreast of all developments in immigration law, including Congressional progress toward an amnesty/guest worker program for undocumented aliens.

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Chicago Immigration Attorney Ronald Shapiro
Ronald Shapiro
Senior Partner

The highly experienced immigration attorneys at The Shapiro Law Group can capably handle all business immigration matters for clients nationwide. Located in downtown Chicago, Illinois, and Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago, we assist individuals and businesses throughout the United States in obtaining employment visas, family visas, permanent resident status, and citizenship. The highly experienced immigration attorneys at The Shapiro Law Group can capably handle all business immigration.

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